Evaluation Report - WASWAC Youth Outstanding Paper Award (DATUM) 2021

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Evaluation Report
WASWAC Youth Outstanding Paper Award (DATUM) 2021
June 18, 2021
The evaluation of the WASWAC Youth Outstanding Paper Award (DATUM) 2021 has been completed and 10 applicants with their papers are nominated for presenting the award as list below.
YOPA Award Nominates by the Award Evaluating Panel
Awardee Nominates Country   Title of presentation
1 Ehsan Sharifi Moghadam Iran Introduction and Application of Soil-Water-Energy-Food Nexus Approach for Designating Sustainable Agricultural Management Pattern at Watershed Scale
2 Fatemeh Sadighi Iran Rainfed Agriculture and Slope Gradient Interactions in Soil Erosion and Redistribution Using 137C
3 Chunmei Wang China Unpaved Road Erosion after Heavy Storm in Mountain Area of Northern China
4 Mostafa Moradi Dashtpagerdi Iran Indirect Estimation of Suspended Sediment Concentration using Image Processing
5 Luca Mauri Italy Modelling multi-temporal overland flow dynamics in a terraced
landscape characterized by road-induced shallow landslides
6 Haiyan Zheng China Is the runoff coefficient increasing or decreasing after ecological restoration on China’s Loess Plateau?
7 Atefeh Jafarpoor Iran Changes in Hydrologic Components from a Mid-Sized Plots due to Cyanobacterization
8 Ying Zhao China Modeling hydrologic responses using multi-site and single-site rainfall generators in a semi-arid watershed
9 Leila Gholami Iran Application of thiourea modified biochar derived from potato peel for enhanced adsorption of Pb and Ni in contaminated acidic soil
10 Polina Sayranova Russia Acid footprint in burozems of the Middle Urals

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